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17 DECEMBER 2019

Christmas packages for children and senior citizens

During the holidays, we do not forget about the youngest and oldest inhabitants of the Średzki District. Just before Christmas, Polipak employees prepared and handed parcels for children from the educational care centers in Szlachcin and senior citizens from the nursing homes.


Commissioning of a modern finished products warehouse

In the second half of 2019, we commissioned a new finished goods warehouse, which is a response to the constantly growing level of production. Its surface allows storage of up to 2880 Euro-pallets. It is served by modern Reach Truck high-lift forklifts, thanks to which it is possible to stack pallets at a height of 10 m.

28 NOVEMBER 2017

Start of three-layer film production

TriplePak is a new, patented plastic film, distinguished by an innovative, three-layer structure. Thanks to it, it is possible to produce bags of uncompromising quality, which are characterized by high durability, functionality and an ecologically responsible approach to the use of raw materials.

27 NOVEMBER 2019

A tree for Środa Wielkopolska

On the parking lot at Kupiec Średzki on November 27, 2019, trees and shrubs were planted. In total, greenery in Środa Wielkopolska will be enriched by 14 red maple trees funded by Polipak and over 600 shiny cotoneaster shrubs.

28 NOVEMBER 2017

Odyssey of the Mind Finals at Michigan State University with Polipak

We sponsored a trip of a group of children from the Zoo school in Środa Wielkopolska to the global finals of the Odyssey of the Mind, which took place at Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA.

20 APRIL 2015

Polipak joins the Sarantis Group

In December 2015, Polipak joined the Sarantis Group, one of the leaders in the fast-moving goods sector, present in Poland through brands such as Jan Niezbędny, Grosik and Kolastyna. Joining forces with the Sarantis Group will allow achieving synergies in many areas of operation of both companies.

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