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Export activity

We are one of the largest producers of polyethylene film bags in Central and Eastern Europe. We have been operating in the industry for 30 years, and for the last five years we have been part of the Sarantis Group, present on the Polish market through brands such as Jan Niezbędny or Grosik.

Our business activity includes a wide range of exports worldwide, mainly in the areas of Europe and Africa. Supporting a strong distribution network in more than 20 countries, we carry out many exports excellent in execution. Polipak’s exports portfolio regards own homecare and professional products.

Expanding our geographical footprint and widening our products’ awareness is of outmost importance to us. Our primary objective in our business life is to further strengthen the presence of our brands in the respective markets through exploiting opportunities that may arise, while reinforcing our exporting activity.

Who we are

Polipak is a leading producer of plastic bags and packaging for the households and the industry.

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