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Our History

Being a leading producer of packaging and plastic bags in terms of industry and household use, our company’s history dates back to 1986. Over the last three decades, we have become one of the largest producers of foil packaging in Central and Eastern Europe. We employ over 350 people and our plants occupy a total area of approx. 11,000 m2. In 2015, we joined forces with Sarantis Group one of the leaders in the fast-moving goods sector. Becoming part of Sarantis Group provided positive synergies in the operation of both companies.


Polipak Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1986 in Środa Wielkopolska.


The production of polyethylene film took place three years after the start of operations – in 1989. Polipak still operates in this industry, setting production standards on a European scale.


In 2003, the production plant were equipped with an ultra-modern, fully automatic line for the production of bags on a roll, which significantly increased our production capacity.


In 2005 we had a product breakthrough. The range of garbage bags is joined by wave bags, which are characterized by increased ease of use while maintaining low production costs. Their construction allows easy tying of the bag and its comfortable handling.


In 2015, Polipak joined the Sarantis Group, one of the leaders in the fast-moving goods sector. Sarantis is present in Poland through well recognized brands such as Jan Niezbędny, Grosik and Kolastyna.


In 2019, start of the three-layer film production.


In the second half of 2019, we commissioned a new finished goods warehouse, which is a response to the constantly growing level of production.

Its surface allows storage of up to 2880 Euro-pallets.


Within 2020, we have opened a specialized laboratory, distinguished by modern equipment allowing for a wide range of measurements and research. The laboratory has been equipped with devices such as moisture analyzer, a plastometer, a testing machine, an octagon, a spectrophotometer or Dart Drop. 


In 2020 POLIPAK wins Forbes Diamonds.


On Wednesday, 20/05/2020, a contract was signed for the construction of our company’s new headquarters with the general contractor – WPiP. On 02/06/2020, the ceremonial first cut of the spade for the construction of the new headquarters took place.

Our Production facility

Our Production facility operates under the strictest quality and safety criteria.

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