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Sarantis Group subsidiary, Polipak, was awarded with the Blue Angel ecolabel

18 MAY 2021

Sarantis Group was awarded, for its environmentally responsible practices, with the German Blue Angel ecolabel. Particularly, the Group’s garbage bags production plant in Poland, Polipak, was distinguished for the high level of recycled plastic used in its products.

Specifically, the Blue Angel ecolabel confirms Polipak’s capability to produce garbage bags that include at least 80% of recycled plastic, through production methods that limit the environmental pollutants.

Quality and innovation are top priorities across the Group’s operational activity. In this context, the Group's subsidiary, Pοlipak, a pioneer in the production of garbage bags, through continuous investments in modernized mechanical equipment and a state of the art Research and Development laboratory, creates exceptional products by using patented technologies. These products are distinguished for their quality and durability, as well as their highly functional and ecological character.

The Blue Angel ecolabel was created as a collaborative idea of four major institutions. The instigator and owner of the ecolabel is the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) which defines the fundamental guidelines for the award. The specialized expertise is provided by the German Environment Agency. The experts at the German Environment Agency develop the specialist criteria that a product must comply with in order to be certified with the Blue Angel. Moreover, as an independent body of decision makers, a Jury has been created for the needs of this project, named Environmental Label Jury. It is an impartial and voluntary body that ensures the reliability of the Blue Angel. Finally, RAL gGmbH is the independent organization which checks compliance with the requirements of the submissions, while concludes contracts on the use of the Blue Angel with the companies.

This specific ecolabel is related and fully compatible with ISO 14024 criteria. Therefore, the Blue Angel meets the highest standards in terms of the prerequisites it sets, while ensuring excellent management and transparency of the development processes of the products that receive it. Furthermore, the products that receive the specific ecolabel may expand further their recognition to the consumer public, as the certification is internationally recognised and creates a sense of safety and environmental awareness to consumers. According to a research carried out by the German Environment Agency, it was confirmed that this certification raises recognition (+90%), while it turned out that a large portion of the consumers’ public is positively influenced in the buying decisions if the product has this distinction.

The Group’s aim is to create a positive impact on people’s everyday lives through its responsible operation and through initiatives that provide for a better tomorrow. The Blue Angel ecolabel certification adds value to the Group's work, highlighting the high quality of its products and its ecological conscience throughout its production process. At the same time, it constitutes another competitive advantage for the Group that supports and enhances the achievement of its strategic goals for further market development across its geographical region.

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Sarantis Group subsidiary, Polipak, was awarded with the Blue Angel ecolabel (373.8KB)

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