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Polipak is the ambassador of the Średzki District

10 MARCH 2020

During the gala held on March 4, 2020 in Środa Wielkopolska, Polipak was honored with the title of Ambassador of the Średzki District in the category of economy. The jury appreciated our contribution to the development of the district as well as pro-ecological activities. It is worth noting that in the past year we funded, among others, planting 600 shiny cotoneaster shrubs and 14 red maple trees in Środa Wielkopolska.

Polipak is the ambassador of the Średzki District (237.4KB)

Sarantis Group subsidiary, Polipak, was awarded with the Blue Angel ecolabel

Sarantis Group was awarded, for its environmentally responsible practices, with the German Blue Angel ecolabel. Particularly, the Group’s garbage bags production plant in Poland, Polipak, was distinguished for the high level of recycled plastic used in its products.
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